Artist Spotlight: If you haven’t heard Nanci Griffith yet what are you waiting for?

Once In A Very Blue Moon cover taken in the Blue Moon Diner in Austin, TX released in 1984.
Texas A&M ‘78 yearbook photo taken by Lyle Lovett on the day Nanci Griffith visited the campus.

“I guess I’d call it a rough start. I couldn’t get a record deal. I drove myself around small town America for years. I learned a lot. It was good for me.” — Nanci Griffith (1996 interview)

“Nanci was gracious. I always valued her help and encouragement. She was a champion of just-starting-out singer-songwriters and musicians. My career and life wouldn’t be the same without her.” — Lyle Lovett

The snow capped trees which inspired Nanci to write the song “Shaking Out the Snow” in 2001.

“Oh, I’ve grown pale beneath the streets of Montreal
Where the voices ring like bells in French-Canadian
And the rivers stand imprisoned till the thaws
I am alone at night and dream of my own Pontchartrain.”

I saw her at the all-Irish-music Fleadh Festival at Finsbury Park in London in 1991 because, as has been mentioned, she was popular in Ireland, having a residence there and one in Nashville at the time. It was an unforgettable day.Mark Grissom (New Orleans, LA)



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