Locations Spots To Visit:

Remaining New England Factories…

1.) Somerville Ford Assembly (Converted)

2.) Framingham Assembly (Converted)

3.) Timex Factory (Abandoned)

4.) Waltham Watches Factory (Converted)

5.) Baker’s Chocolate Factory (Converted)

6.) Chelmsford Ginger Ale Factory (Converted)

8.) Schrafft’s Chocolate

9.) Iver Johnson Factory (Abandoned)

10.) American Brass Company (Abandoned)

11.) Draper Foundry (Abandoned)

12.) Hersey / Pioneer (Abandoned)

Address: Unknown

13.) Whitin Machine (Abandoned)

14.) Yankee Rowe Nuclear Plant (Abandoned)

15.) American Pad & Paper (Abandoned)

16.) Borden Chemical (Abandoned)

17.) Foster Grant Factory (New Business)

18.) Parsons Paper Company (Abandoned)

20.) American Print Works / Iron Works (Abandoned)

21.) American Woolen (Converted/Abandoned)

22.) Amoskeag Manufacturing (Converted/Abandoned)

23.) Mount Hope Finishing (Abandoned)

Independent writer outside of Boston.

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