Meet The 99 Year Old YouTuber Who Worked With Lucille Ball

Meet Mr. Hahn. Mr. Hahn who chooses not to use his real name is a resident of Los Angeles who makes a daily vlog on YouTube. What makes him special is not only is he 99 years old, he worked with some of the greatest celebrities in Hollywood in the 1950’s and 60’s and is a retired Los Angeles reporter for the nightly news in the 1980's.

I came across one of his comments on a Johnny Carson video I was watching. He is currently fighting stomach cancer and yet he’s still making YouTube videos every day in themes of the outdoors. He recently moved out of his Beverly Hills home to be in the countryside.

Here he gives a tour of the new Jeep Renegade he just bought…

Here he explains his life story about why he made the channel;

YouTuber Raquel Navas asked how he made it so far in life?

Youtuber Mandi Franco asks; Dear Mr. Hahn, I can’t help to notice, what seems to me, that Desi Arnaz Jr. and Lucy Arnaz seemed in interviews of past either depressed or resentful as adults. Do you recall them as children? Did you know them as young adults?

Here is Mr. Hahn going for a drive in the city of Los Angeles to run some shopping errands, after his 99th birthday with his new GoPro.

He’s quite the organ player and piano player too. He put these shows on to cheer people up during quarantine. Recorded off his monitor.

He wants to make viewers aware that he is under 24/7 surveillance from life alert, and that his family and grandchildren visit him every day. He does not take too kindly to trolls on his channel, but he appreciates the followers. Especially Pam out in Rhode Island. We don’t know his real name and he likes it that way. He also will respond to any questions in the comments.

I recommend everyone check out his channel. He currently has nearly 400 subscribers. He has truly brightened my day during these times of being locked up in the home under quarantine. At 99 years old Mr. Hahn’s mind is still as sharp as ever. He ends all of his daily vlogs with the same signup he used on Los Angeles television from the 1970’s and 80's.

“Good night, Good Luck, and be well.” — Mr. Hahn

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Independent writer outside of Boston.

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