The Most Difficult Classic To Restore: Chrysler Cordoba

“Back in the day these things were everywhere. Around 1980 I had an after school job that I walked about 1.5 miles to. One day I decided to count how many I saw parked along my walk. I think it was about 12. I can’t tell ya the last time I saw one on the street or where I’d go looking for one.”

What Fuel Do I Need To Run A Cordoba?

So Your Doba Needs Bodywork?

What you are looking at here is the front panels of a Cordoba that was originally made of fiberglass.
The price you can find for just the outer shell of one quarter panel on eBay, $1500 price tag.
eBay search results when I tried searching for “Chrysler Cordoba” on September 1st, 2021.

“How may guys have you ever met that are dumb / crazy / committed enough to do a full on resto job on a Doba?” — Richard Gebhard (Chrysler collector)

Six rare parts that cost a total of $6000 to obtain over a period of 5 years just to save a 70s Chrysler.
Rust on Cordoba with quarter removed. (Photo by Rick Gebhard)

Giving Your Doba A Fresh Paint Job:

Look At Those Wheels:

“I removed these from my ‘77 Cordoba in the 90’s because the valve stems always leaked due to the corrosion. They were very common wheels when these cars were new.” — Scott Gresser

Are You Ready To Own A Doba???



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