Yes this 100% happens. Quora does not have an official policy on shadow banning, but moderators due have the ability to make answers invisible. I’ve been a user on Quora for the past decade. I have over 1M views on my answers with close to 500 followers. I absolutely love using the website and I hope I can continue to stay on it for many years to come. It brings great joy into my life teaching history and science as a nuclear engineer and architectural historian. However there are times when I get under 5 views on my answers. On many controversial questions I have had answers disappear, and I know this because I use two separate browsers.

It can be a little disheartening when you have spent days writing an answer and to be given no warning or notification. To be clear this is not Quora making an answer hidden. Many answers I write don’t even show up as collapsed. Many answers I have written over the years show up when I am logged in, but do not show up when I am logged out using a separate browser to see what’s happening. While all other answers on a question will appear, mine will not many times as they censor me.

My account logged in on Chrome:

My account logged out on Safari:

I’ve counted and have had this done to over 50 answers in the last five years. There is no way of telling if this is a glitch or if it is Quora’s own policies. However I was never reported. The answers themselves are not deleted or collapsed. I never use vulgar language or nudity.They just don’t show up after I write them if you are logged out. Most likely a computer algorithm that picks up keywords or phrases because this happens instantly. I simply like challenging myself to answer controversial topics and provide an alternative narrative in debate form. It’s a shame that so many social media platforms are looking to silence dissenting opinions. This is beginning to look a lot like the book “1984”. Shadow banning sucks.

Independent writer outside of Boston.

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